Daemon And Influx Author Daniel Suarez On Why Innovation Has Stalled


Daniel Suarez self-published his first novel, Daemon , in 2006. The book and its sequel Freedom™ chronicled the rise of a botnet that uses self-driving cars to kill humans, crashes the stock market, and creates a new society in its own image. His next novel, Kill Decision , published by Dutton in 2012, was about aerial drones that could decide when to use lethal force independently of any human.

After reading his books, you could be forgiven for thinking it was time for someone — the government, maybe — to put the brakes on technological progress for a while. But he wouldn’t agree with you. In fact, his latest novel, Influx, explores the idea of trying to control technological progress. And it’s just as scary as his previous stories.

Influx, which will be out next Thursday, is the story of Jon Grady, a physicist who invents a machine…

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