legacy map

Legacy Map, Second Attempt

After a couple hours of work with gimp I’ve manged to clean up the map I drew the other day. Not bad I have to say for someone of my limited artistic ability.


Best Anime of 2012

In my continuing desire to share my love of anime here are my picks for the top shows of 2012. 1 – Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo The Rebuild of Evangelion is the reimaging of the classic series.  In the third movie the story has completely diverged from the original storyline. It picks up…

silk sheets

Tricks and Traps – Part 8

How better to wake up then nestled in silk sheets with that morning after glow. There was a steaming cup of coffee on the nightstand along with an omelette and a note, which was nice to see, Sark normally didn’t bother leaving a note before he left.  It was normally just coffee and him waking…


Top 5 Anime Series

I’ve been a bid fan of Anime for many years and I’ve seen many different series in my personal collection I have around 170 different anime series, ovas, and movies. So I’d thought I share some of my favorites with the world.  To start off I’ll give a list of my 5 all time favorites.…

Tricks and Traps – Part 7

G-Tang flashed one of her dirtiest looks as I walked into the club which quickly turned into a condescending pout.  She was dressed to the nines in a tight shinny silk dress so short that it barely covered her ass. G-Tang’s makeup was as always glamorous but layered on so thick and heavy that you…


Tricks and Traps – Part 6

  For a second there Rachel had thought she had lost her phone but it turned up after a quick search of her slim silver purse.  Brushing aside a few strands of blond hair she sent a message to her boss letting him know that the clients had signed the deal.  The negotiations had been…